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It has been quite some time since the last time I posted and God has moved in my life and those around me. Although I am now on my third round trip through the Bible, I am not that person who can quote scripture by book, chapter, and verse. I actually prefer it that way since it forces me and the person I am speaking with to look up the scripture. With that said, if I write something within my posts that does not have the exact book, chapter, or verse, please don’t leave it up to me to do the research for you. It is 2023, so there are plenty of search engines on the internet available to most everyone on the planet, even in the middle of the ocean.

I am human and I do make mistakes. There has only been one human that has or every will walk this earth that was perfect, Jesus Christ. I say this because Christians have a bad image to the majority of people. Unfortunately, there are Christians who don’t see the big picture and are focused are portions of the Bible versus the entirety of it. Christians aren’t here to help God do anything other than to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ and serve Him. We weren’t placed on this planet to judge or condemn others. As a Christian, I was told to love God with all my heart, my strength, and my soul. I am to love others, even my enemies. Just because I do not agree with a choice that another adult makes, it does not mean that I don’t love them or that I should force my choice on them.

I am writing these things because they are starting to weigh on me and I need to speak up. I wasn’t given a voice of timidity, but of strength. I am going to use that voice and I hope that at least one thing that I write or may write speaks to you if you’re reading this.

May God Bless you and your family/friends always!

Verses Out of Context

Please Spread the Gospel!

Disclaimer: I am not ordained.  I have not gone to seminary.  I am not a theologian.  I did not major in theology in college.  These are my personal opinions, observations, and conclusions with studying the Bible.

I am going to address the idea of verses and context.  Both sides of the religious community can take a verse from the Bible and use it to defend their viewpoint or attack the opposition’s viewpoint.  There is a major flaw in this, regardless of whose side is making the point.

I propose this scenario.  A stranger is passing by two people in conversation on a college campus.  Both people involved in the conversation are young in appearance.  One party of the conversation is Black American.  The other party is Asian American.

Picture the above scene in clarity in your mind.  As the stranger approaches the two people involved in conversation, they can hear the below exchange.

                        Asian American – “What is with you people?!” 

                        Black American – “We shouldn’t have to put up with it!” 

                        Asian American – “Where do you people get these ideas from?!” 

                        Black American – “We have a right to do this!”

This is what the stranger is privy to while walking past the two involved in discussion.  What conclusions do you draw in your mind from this brief exchange?  Do you think that the Asian American is racist?

Society has programmed the majority of us to think in terms of race, but really, if you came to this conclusion, you are operating out of context.  Read the next part of the conversation below.

                        Asian American – “I don’t understand why students think they have that right when it goes against university policy.”

What if the conversation was between a Black American male and an Asian American female or a White American female and an Asian American male?  You could place any number of people by gender, age, sex, and religious backgrounds into the scenario and take any of it out of context because you are only seeing a part of the conversation.

This is no different when attacking or defending the Bible through the use of one or two verses.  The Bible is not about winning an argument.  It is not about proving a point.

The Bible is a guide to a pathway which leads to salvation and brings humans to a better understanding of God.  The Bible does not reveal everything we need to know about God, but it does show us His love for us.  It shows people what He expects from us and that it is alright to fall short of that expectation because we are forgiven.

I leave you with this question.

                     If you are a parent, could you sacrifice a child to pay for the sins of one other person?

God not only sacrificed His only son, but His son paid the price for all human sins.

Prayer, Aug. 1, 2017

Please Spread the Gospel!

Heavenly Father,

Glory is Yours as is all things.

I confess my sin/s of (be specific) and ask for Your mercy when dealing with me for them.

I am thankful for another day to grow closer to You.

I am thankful for the path laid out before me even though I do not know what lies ahead.

I am thankful for Your discipline when I stray because I know that You love me and do not want to see me lost.

I am thankful for the prayers that You have answered. I know that they will be answered when You have deemed it so and that if they were not answered, it is because Your wisdom exceeds mine.

I am thankful for the hardships that have been in my life for they have helped by increasing my faith in You.

I pray unto You, Lord, that salvation will come to those whose lives I have touched with the Gospel.

I pray that Your will be done in my life as I face the world and its downward spiral.

I pray that You will grant me wisdom to see the signs and warnings of the things to come.

I pray for peace in my heart when dealing with my enemies.

I pray for that You will bring some solace to those who are suffering within but show no signs to the outside world.

I pray for wisdom and understanding as I read Your Word.


Prayer, July 24, 2017

Please Spread the Gospel!

Our Father,

I am a sinner.

I confess my sin/s (specific) and ask Your mercy when dealing with me.

I thank You for Your Son who brought the hope of salvation to us all.

I thank You for Your Word that I can turn to for comfort and wisdom.

I thank You for the life You have given to me for there are lessons and blessings in all parts of it.

I pray for Your will to be done this coming week and that I have the strength to do it.

I pray for the wisdom to distinguish between Your will and mine.

I pray for solace in times of suffering.

I pray for the seed of salvation that I have planted in others to grow and give life to them.

I pray that You touch the lives of those who do not believe so that they will know You love them.

To Our Eternal Father,


Prayer, July 17, 2017

Please Spread the Gospel!

Heavenly Father,

Glory be unto Thee!

I confess my sin/s of (specifics) to You this day and ask for Your mercy when dealing with this disobedient child.

I thank You, Lord, for Jesus Christ, the vessel of our salvation.

I thank You for the Word which enlightens me to Your will and desires for my behavior.

I thank You for the process of sanctification that does not end until this bodies dies and seeks to mold me into an image of Christ.

I thank You for the provisions that You have given me in my time of need.

I thank You for helping my family when I have prayed to You.

I thank You for the trials and tribulations in my life because they help me to see who I really am and who I really need to rely on.

I pray to You, God, that this week will see Your Grace extended to Your children as we slip and fall or wander from the righteous path that You have laid before us.

I pray that Your will be done through me and by me wherever I am at and I pray that I will have the wisdom to see that it is Your will that needs to be done.

I pray for peace during times of strife, strength during times of weakness, and wisdom during times of choice.

I pray that You bless those who are suffering from loss or suffering from being lost so that they may seek salvation and comfort through Jesus Christ.

I pray for wisdom and understanding when I read Your Word.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


Prayer, July 11, 2017

Please Spread the Gospel!

Our Father,

Glory be unto Thee.

I confess by sins to You. (Be specific about which sins)

Have mercy on Your child for these sins.

I understand discipline and am willing to accept Yours.

I thank You for my salvation.

I am thankful for the journey of sanctification that helps to mold me into the shape of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I am thankful for the blessings that You bestow upon me and I know that those are given in Your time and manner, not mine.

I am thankful that I can study Your Word in order to gain wisdom and understanding of this life as well as the next.

If it is in Your will, may You bless the houses of Your children.

May You feed those that are hungry for You and simply do not know it.

May You take hold of those that teeter on salvation, but do not decide.

May You break us down and build us back up again, knowing that it is only by Your power are we truly set free.

I pray that I may ignite the fire within someone to seek You out.

I pray for the wisdom to know when I cannot solve a problem and the strength to leave it to You to solve.

Your Glory Forever,


Prayer July 5, 2017

Please Spread the Gospel!


May I do something today that will glorify You.

I confess my sins to You, Lord.

You know what is in my heart and mind.

I ask Your mercy when dealing with me and my weakness.

I give thanks for our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, by whom our salvation is secured.

I thank You for the Word that helps us to better understand You.

I am thankful for the people that You have placed in my life for good or ill.  I have grown because of this.

I am thankful for my enemies, because through them I learn patience, tolerance, grace, and love.

I also learn to trust in You, God.

I am thankful for my family and friends, because their love and support is a reflection of the love that You give us.

I am truly thankful for another day to worship and learn what it is to be a child of God.

I pray, Lord, that if it is in Your will, I can be a shining light to another.

I pray that I can reach someone today with the Gospel and seize the opportunity to share the joy of Christ, our Lord.

I pray for peace and strength within as I fight with the Enemy, this world, and my own flesh.

I pray that I can have some relief from stress due to work, finances, people, and life.

I pray for those that have a blind eye to the world.  May Your light allow them to see the Truth.


Prayer 03/20/17

Please Spread the Gospel!


We praise You for Your grace and mercy.

We praise You for the light of Jesus that shines brightly through ours works.

We praise You for all that You do in this world unbeknownst to us.

You are first in our lives, now and always.

We confess our sins to You and ask for Your mercy and forgiveness when dealing with us.

We give thanks for another day to worship Your son, our Saviour.

We thank You for Your Word which helps us to know You better.

We thank You for Your patience with our never-ending faults and Your grace in dealing with them.

We pray unto You for Your Glory to be seen throughout the world.

We pray for Salvation of those close to us and those that are not.

We pray for the strength and courage to proclaim Your son’s name, Jesus, to all who would hear.

We pray for comfort in difficult times and the strength to perservere.

If it is in Your will, Lord, we pray for blessings so that we may bless others.


Prayer January 3, 2017

Please Spread the Gospel!

Heavenly Father,

You who are all-powerful, full of grace and wisdom.

We praise You for Your righteousness that is extended to us.

We praise You for knowing that we fail and loving us anyway.

We lift You above all else and place You first over anything in our lives.

We confess our sins to You and ask for Your mercy when dealing with us.

We thank You for the grace of our salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank You for the people that You have placed in our lives to help us to become better.  We know that good or ill, there is some lesson that can be learned.

We thank You for another day to worship You and spread the Gospel.

We pray that You will gather more of Your children to You.

We pray that Salvation comes to those who seek it and those who wonder about it.

We pray that You will guard our tongues, shield our eyes and ears from those temptations and sins which will pull us away from You.

We pray for those who are having difficult times, that You will see them through so that Your Glory will shine in this world.

All this we pray for in Jesus’ name, Amen.

How to Study the Bible Practically

Please Spread the Gospel!

Here is my disclaimer.  I am not ordained and have not gone to seminary or studied theology.  These are my observations on studying the Bible over the last year.

Holy Bible

When a person studies the Bible, there are all sorts of questions that arise.  Where do I start reading from?  How often do I read?  What if I don’t understand what I am reading? Etc.  What I have learned is that it does not matter where you start, how often you read, or if you understand immediately or not.  What becomes important are the absolutes or undeniable facts that remain constant regardless of time or place.

I have come to learn to understand the Bible better because of the absolutes.  Hopefully, they will bring some clarity to your readings.

  1. The Bible is God’s Word– What this means is that the WHOLE Bible is God’s Word.  Not sections of it.  Not just what Jesus said.  From Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21 is all of God’s Word.  It does not matter who spoke or wrote – ALL OF IT IS GOD’S WORD.  This also means that it does not matter what version of the Bible you are reading.  God gifted people in order to translate the Word into language that is understandable to all.  Everybody has their preference of how they read the Word, but in the end, our understanding of the Gospel in order to spread His Word is all that matters.
  2.  God is Perfect – God, in all of His glory and grace, is perfect.  Holy beyond anything we could imagine.  Because God is perfect, He is infallible.  This means that He does not contradict Himself.  Which means that the Bible does not contradict itself.  If you are still confused, understand it this way.  There can not be any verses, regardless of who spoke or who wrote, that can go against another verse.  If this is the case, then the Bible would have been proven to be written by man and discredited.  Thankfully, this is not the case.
  3.  TRUTHThe Gospel is Truth.  The Bible is God’s way of communicating to us.  It is not man’s way to manipulate the masses.

Mathematically, if you take the numbers above, you can see the equation.



Bible + God = Truth

The equation above makes the following words ring absolute as well.

The TRUTH will set you FREE!

I am a working man with a family so my time is limited, but I am hoping that God extends me some Grace in order to spread His word through this blog.

Until next time, God Bless You All!