About Us

Most of the time the About page explains how great the site is or all about who the person/company is that runs the site.  This will not be one of those.

I like to keep things simple.  My name is Lee and my story will eventually end up as a page or post on this site.  For now, I would just like to explain what this site is about.

Living in the Word Today is going to chronicle my daily/weekly journey as a true believer in Jesus Christ.  What I am hoping for is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ by having people relate to the struggles that we all face.

I am not a minister/pastor/deacon/bishop/etc.  I am a guy who has made (and continues to make) mistakes.

My ardent wish is that what I write or may write will help bring more people to salvation by showing all that true believers have the same struggles and make the same mistakes as everyone else.  The difference is that we do not believe that we make it on our own.  Jesus walks with us!

Thank you stopping by and God Bless you and yours!