Prayer January 3, 2017

Heavenly Father,

You who are all-powerful, full of grace and wisdom.

We praise You for Your righteousness that is extended to us.

We praise You for knowing that we fail and loving us anyway.

We lift You above all else and place You first over anything in our lives.

We confess our sins to You and ask for Your mercy when dealing with us.

We thank You for the grace of our salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.

We thank You for the people that You have placed in our lives to help us to become better.  We know that good or ill, there is some lesson that can be learned.

We thank You for another day to worship You and spread the Gospel.

We pray that You will gather more of Your children to You.

We pray that Salvation comes to those who seek it and those who wonder about it.

We pray that You will guard our tongues, shield our eyes and ears from those temptations and sins which will pull us away from You.

We pray for those who are having difficult times, that You will see them through so that Your Glory will shine in this world.

All this we pray for in Jesus’ name, Amen.