Prayer, Aug. 1, 2017

Heavenly Father,

Glory is Yours as is all things.

I confess my sin/s of (be specific) and ask for Your mercy when dealing with me for them.

I am thankful for another day to grow closer to You.

I am thankful for the path laid out before me even though I do not know what lies ahead.

I am thankful for Your discipline when I stray because I know that You love me and do not want to see me lost.

I am thankful for the prayers that You have answered. I know that they will be answered when You have deemed it so and that if they were not answered, it is because Your wisdom exceeds mine.

I am thankful for the hardships that have been in my life for they have helped by increasing my faith in You.

I pray unto You, Lord, that salvation will come to those whose lives I have touched with the Gospel.

I pray that Your will be done in my life as I face the world and its downward spiral.

I pray that You will grant me wisdom to see the signs and warnings of the things to come.

I pray for peace in my heart when dealing with my enemies.

I pray for that You will bring some solace to those who are suffering within but show no signs to the outside world.

I pray for wisdom and understanding as I read Your Word.


Prayer, July 17, 2017

Heavenly Father,

Glory be unto Thee!

I confess my sin/s of (specifics) to You this day and ask for Your mercy when dealing with this disobedient child.

I thank You, Lord, for Jesus Christ, the vessel of our salvation.

I thank You for the Word which enlightens me to Your will and desires for my behavior.

I thank You for the process of sanctification that does not end until this bodies dies and seeks to mold me into an image of Christ.

I thank You for the provisions that You have given me in my time of need.

I thank You for helping my family when I have prayed to You.

I thank You for the trials and tribulations in my life because they help me to see who I really am and who I really need to rely on.

I pray to You, God, that this week will see Your Grace extended to Your children as we slip and fall or wander from the righteous path that You have laid before us.

I pray that Your will be done through me and by me wherever I am at and I pray that I will have the wisdom to see that it is Your will that needs to be done.

I pray for peace during times of strife, strength during times of weakness, and wisdom during times of choice.

I pray that You bless those who are suffering from loss or suffering from being lost so that they may seek salvation and comfort through Jesus Christ.

I pray for wisdom and understanding when I read Your Word.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


Prayer, July 11, 2017

Our Father,

Glory be unto Thee.

I confess by sins to You. (Be specific about which sins)

Have mercy on Your child for these sins.

I understand discipline and am willing to accept Yours.

I thank You for my salvation.

I am thankful for the journey of sanctification that helps to mold me into the shape of our Savior, Jesus Christ.

I am thankful for the blessings that You bestow upon me and I know that those are given in Your time and manner, not mine.

I am thankful that I can study Your Word in order to gain wisdom and understanding of this life as well as the next.

If it is in Your will, may You bless the houses of Your children.

May You feed those that are hungry for You and simply do not know it.

May You take hold of those that teeter on salvation, but do not decide.

May You break us down and build us back up again, knowing that it is only by Your power are we truly set free.

I pray that I may ignite the fire within someone to seek You out.

I pray for the wisdom to know when I cannot solve a problem and the strength to leave it to You to solve.

Your Glory Forever,